Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Entries Due December 1st

Entries for the 2019 PEI Easter Beef Show & Sale are due on December 1st.

Click here to access the entry form.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

2018 PEI Easter Beef Sale Photo Album & Results

Check out our 2018 PEI Easter Beef Sale Photo Album.  You will also find the results of the sale in the photo album.

Please tag anyone you know in our photos.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Open Show Results

1. Colby MacQuarrie (Champion Shorthorn)
2. Matthias Drake (Reserve Shorthorn)
3. Marvin Peters & Peter Cairns

1. Sean MacBeth (Champion Simmental)
2. Spencer Hambly (Reserve Simmental)
3. Andrew & Jill Potts

1. Ben MacQuarrie (Champion Angus)
2. Don & Mike Godfrey (Reserve Angus)
3. Derek Weeks & Julie Mutch
4. Austin & Ian Drake
5. Spencer Hambly
6. Colby MacQuarrie

Any Other Breed
Champion Any Other Breed, Emily McKenna (4H) (Grand Champion)
1. Irwin Jay, Glenn Jay, and Sean MacBeth (Reserve Any Other Breed)
2. Allan Holmes

1. Colby MacQuarrie (Champion Charolais) (Reserve Grand Champion)
2. Glenn Jay (Reserve Charolais)


1. Austin & Ian Drake (Champion Heifer)   Reserve Heifer, Alanna Worth (4H)
2. Don & Mike Godfrey
3. Derek Weeks & Julie Mutch
4. James Worth
5. Marvin Peter

1. David Ford & Blair Campbell (Champion Hereford)
Austin Potts (Reserve Hereford) 4H

1. Austin & Ian Drake (Champion Limousin)
2. Glen Ford & Kyle Younker (Reserve Limousin)
3. James Worth

Maine Anjou
1. Irwin Jay (Champion Maine Anjou)   Reserve Maine Anjou, Corey Ford (4H)
2. Matthias Drake
3. Nolan Potts

4H Confirmation Results

1. Danielle Pollard

Any Other Breed
1. Emily McKenna (Grand Champion 4H)

1. Alanna Worth (Reserve Grand Champion 4H)
2. Madison Pirch

1. Austin Potts
2. Logan Ford

1. Jory Donovan
2. Isaac Drake

1. Corey Ford
2. Sawyer Acorn

4H Project to Market Calf
1. Danielle Pollard
2. Madison Pirch

4H Showmanship Results

1. Austin Potts

1. Isaac Drake

1. Alanna Worth
2. Logan Ford
3. Corey Ford
4. Emily McKenna
5. Jory Donovan

Champion Showperson: Alanna Worth
Reserve Champion: Logan Ford

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Show & Sale Schedule

Thursday, March 15
1:00 PM
4H classes followed by the open show.
Eastlink Centre

7:00 PM
Banquet Reception
7:30 PM
Banquet Dinner
Red Shores Racetrack & Casino

Friday, March 16
1:00 PM
Eastlink Centre

Visit this link for the event as listed on Facebook,